Bart at the Canton Office
    Bart at the Canton Office
    Spring is in the air, March Madness is here and all of those cliche’ s could resonate with the Real Estate market as well.  This is the time of the year when we see many Buyers and Sellers coming to the market in hope to find there next home.  It can really be a chaotic time for any family going through the process, there are a number of things that you can do to make the time less stressful for everyone in the family.
    When you decide to put your home on the market and find that new special place for you and your family,this has been historically a really strong time to get your home sold and at a fairly high price point, based on market conditions.  Sellers can really capitalize on the timing if they make sure the yard is spruced up as soon as the weather turns warm.  Cleaning all of the windows to really let the sun shine through into the home helps make sure that the buyers feel it’s a warm and inviting place.  Sellers should make sure that all of the light bulbs work in the lamps and when a showing is scheduled, turn on all of the lamps to make sure their is plenty of light in the home. One of the most over looked things a seller should do is make sure that the doorbell works, many times that is the first impression when the buyer is standing at the door. Don’t try to overcompensate for the home being closed up all winter long by putting 5 different scented candles of room deodorizers in the home, this is overwhelming and can be worse than letting it alone.
    Buyers who are also hitting the market looking for that new home really want to be struck by the home when they drive up.  A well manicured lawn and clean flower beds all speak wonders to how the property was maintained. Once inside they want to see uncluttered, clean homes that have a good traffic flow.  When the buyer finds the right house it really strikes them when the walk through, it features, and layout seem really comfortable, it feels like home before they even own it.  Buyers really want homes they don’t have to make major changes in, although they would want to personalize it, they would prefer to have neutral colors and carpets.
    My list could go on and on to help both buyers and sellers achieve their dreams in owning a new home.  A professional RE/MAX Classic REALTOR can help bring so many ideas to the table and really help both the seller and buyer make that right financial decision when they find that right home. At RE/MAX Classic our Professional full time agents are here to help you make your move as smooth as possible. Contact your RE/MAX Classic professional agent today to help you remove the stress and chaos from the March madness of the spring market.  – Bart Patterson | Vice President 

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    Licensed Realtor since 1984 and Licensed Broker since 1989. It's always been my goal to own and operate the best brokerage in the industry with the finest trained group of realtors. Making a difference in our communities is what it's all about. Bringing families home builds stronger communities and benefits us all. I welcome the challenges of the industry and our current market and continue to strive to meet the needs and goals of my realtors to build their success. We couldn't be RE/MAX Classic without them.

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