This past September I received a referral from Ms. Betty Clark who is from the RE/MAX Classic Novi Office , a young lady who owned a home in Lansing, but working in Novi.  The commute from Lansing to Novi was become too much to bare.  Our customer’s first step was to sell her current home.  Not only did she need to sell the home to qualify for the new payment, she needed the funds to close on a new home.  Well, like a lot of folks over the past few years she did not net nearly as much as expected from the sale of her home.  As a matter of fact, she and her husband had to save up funds for a down payment.  So into the in-laws basement they moved to save the funds for a new home.  After a few short months our customer called me to discuss low down payment purchase options.  We put together a 5.0% down conventional PreApproval with 3.0% coming from the seller for closing costs and prepaids.  Ms. Betty Clark quickly found a home for our basement dweller.  We completed her mortgage application a few days later.  During this meeting I asked when she would like to close, she said “tomorrow!!  I’m living in my in-laws basement!!”  We at Ross Mortgage jumped on the task and had our borrower at a closing table 21 days later.    We had a very happy customer who move out of her in-laws basement the next day! – Timothy Merritt



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    Licensed Realtor since 1984 and Licensed Broker since 1989. It's always been my goal to own and operate the best brokerage in the industry with the finest trained group of realtors. Making a difference in our communities is what it's all about. Bringing families home builds stronger communities and benefits us all. I welcome the challenges of the industry and our current market and continue to strive to meet the needs and goals of my realtors to build their success. We couldn't be RE/MAX Classic without them.

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