Thursday Talk Time with RE/MAX Classic VP Bart Patterson

    V.P. RE/MAX Classic Bart Patterson
    V.P. RE/MAX Classic Bart Patterson

    I have been working on statistics and information for our 2015 kickoff meeting and as I am preparing the information I was reflecting on what the future can bring. I have created several graphs to share during the meeting regarding the past ten years.  The graphs are of sales types per year over the past 10 years. It shows the rise and fall of the Bank owned, HUD, and Private sales and how that has changed over the past 10 years. I started to reflect on the good and the bad conditions that we experienced over those ten years and how well our company and agents had done under such circumstances.  While we did experience a change in the business we had many agents that excelled and those that maintained their business.  When I asked myself what allowed the company and the agents to weather this storm I concluded it was that we embraced the change and found other opportunities to enhance our business.

    We know one thing is constant in the real estate business and that is change. Many things have changed in our industry and those that have embraced the change and look for the changes are those that have survived and thrived. As I looked forward to 2015 economic reports say that the industry will have another strong year of growth, slower price increases and creeping interest rates and adequate inventory.  Wondering how that will all play into our company success and agent success, I can trust that once again we will be ready for change and will adapt ourselves to whatever the business will be.  I look forward to the resilience of our agents and a very successful 2015.  I am motivated that change will be constant and that makes our career exciting and very demanding. – Bart Patterson |

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    Licensed Realtor since 1984 and Licensed Broker since 1989. It's always been my goal to own and operate the best brokerage in the industry with the finest trained group of realtors. Making a difference in our communities is what it's all about. Bringing families home builds stronger communities and benefits us all. I welcome the challenges of the industry and our current market and continue to strive to meet the needs and goals of my realtors to build their success. We couldn't be RE/MAX Classic without them.

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